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Originally from The Netherlands, based in Cardiff.

I'm a costume designer, supervisor, assistant and maker. For film, TV and Theatre.


The creative relationship whether on stage or screen with the designer, the director and creative team is what excites me in my work. My approach to costume realization is based in a love for shapes, textures and construction. By using fabric manipulation skills and other use of a diverse skill set, I inspire to realize costumes that communicate and spark interest with an audience.

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I bring
designs to life


costume planning and organizing, budgeting, sourcing, styling, laundry and maintenance, dressing, quick changes, dyeing, distressing, industrial sewing machine, hand sewing, machine embroidery, pattern drafting, flat pattern cutting, basic cutting on the stand, basic corsetry,  basic photoshop, basic wig making, basic stage make-up, millinery. 

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